How you can make travel fun – even “business” travel!

If you travel a lot for business – this blog is for you. Even if you mainly travel for fun – this blog is for you.

We all know business travel can be tiring and a grind – but  in this blog you’ll find out how to:

– make the most of your business travel

– travel smarter

– be more effective while you are away on business and

– be more engaged with your loved ones when you come back home.

I love travel and for years my “business” was to travel the world to exotic locations as a television producer on shows like the Today Show and Getaway.

This sort of travel was my BUSINESS – TV story for 50th anniversary of Climbing of Mount Everest!

I now travel a lot as a business consultant and communication trainer – but I never lost that sense of fun and adventure that should be part of travel.

I’m lucky to have lots of friends and business colleagues who are very experienced and “excellent” travellers and this blog is all about sharing their tips and experience on how to make your business travel more enjoyable.

Some of my friends are jet-setting corporate execs, others are world-hopping musicians and rock journalists, others still work around the world in television – and I’ve been lucky to learn from ALL of them on how to make Business Travel more enjoyable!

Anyone recognise the inspiration for the logo Taking Care of Business Travel?

That’s right – it was inspired by Elvis’s motto “Taking Care of Business” that also graced the tail of his private plane the Lisa Marie.

So that’ll be the flavour of this blog – valuable tips in delivered a fun, retro-inspired style.

Welcome aboard – enjoy the ride!



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