Vacation travel series for business travellers – What do YOU “need“ to re-energise and recharge on vacation?

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International communicationWhat do YOU “need“ to re-energise and recharge on vacation?

Vacations should be a time to recharge and refresh – to take a break from your routine and do things that re-energise you.

Have you worked out what YOU need to do to recharge?

It’s interesting how working out what YOU and your fellow vacationers “need” can help you all have a better vacation.

For example, my wife and I have discovered that we have very different “body clocks” on vacation. We’ve learned to synchronise our different body clocks!

O early morning

I’m a “get up early and watch the sunrise” type of guy. I want to make the most of every vacation day. I can’t stand a slow start that “wastes the morning”

T early morning

On vacation, I can’t wait for the sun to rise – so I can go out and get down to the beach. My son Orlando likes to get up…

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