How Hara Hachi Bu can make your business travel more effective and more enjoyable.

Taking Care of BusinessTravel

Do you travel a lot for business? Do you make this mistake when trying to be time efficient and cost effective?

Tb Singapore departures

I travel a lot for my work as a business writing and communication consultant. I used to make lots of business trip “mistakes” – until I started applying advice from Presentation Zen expert Garr Reynolds – especially his suggestions about hara hachi bu.

I’m in Singapore as I write this post and Singapore is famous for its delicious food. I love coming here for work!

International communication

Raffles bakery

In the past, at the hotel breakfast I would pile up my plate. I wanted to get my money’s worth! I would gulp down the huge breakfast thinking that this “forced fuelling up” would save me having to eat lunch and that I could work through lunch. I thought I was being efficient!

The trouble was – it was actually inefficient and highly ineffective…

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