Tips from Chris Adams on how you can be more effective on your next business trip

Chris Adams Project (CAP)

I get lots of advice from Chris and this was one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned from him – something I’ve really struggled with – travelling lots of business and balancing business travel with family life.

It’s so good I’ve shared it in 2 other projects and topics I am passionate in writing about:

1. Taking Care of BusinesTravel – in particular when you have to travel for business

2. Busy Dad to Better Dad – how corporate dads can be more effective at work so they can be more engaged at home

(links at end of post)

Chris Adams is a movie man, former Hollywood and Facebook exec who now lives in Australia.

In Australia, Chris runs a digital media agency (Beachball Media) and helps develop Australian movies, He travels hundreds of thousands of miles a year for business and is away up to 150 nights…

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Hi, I'm a lawyer turned journalist/speechwriter/presentation coach - combining business experience with personal passions for music and writing to blog about persuasion, retro, music, and even business lessons from theatre and performing
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