The Bento Box Bliss of Business Travel

Taking Care of BusinessTravel

The Bento Box Bliss of Business travel

If you are going to be away from your family on business travel – you may as well try to make the most of the “positives”.

One of the things I “enjoy” about business travel is it gets me out of my routine and I find because I’m in different places I am free to “think different thoughts”.

You can find the “away time” is a real boost for creating new ideas and I recommend that you deliberately put yourself in “new environments” to encourage new thinking. I’m not suggesting anything too extreme!

Also, you can get a chance to “think more deeply” about other things rather than focusing on important but often routine domestic tasks.

I live in Brisbane, Australia. This week I am away working in Sydney.  I know the photo looks like I’m in Asia – but the…

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Hi, I'm a lawyer turned journalist/speechwriter/presentation coach - combining business experience with personal passions for music and writing to blog about persuasion, retro, music, and even business lessons from theatre and performing
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