What simple thing would persuade you to return to a hotel – this business performance booster?

If you travel a lot for work, as I do, do you find that many hotels can look and feel the same?



Same-looking robes and slippers, same beds and furnishings, same bathrooms?

Sure, they’re good – but they can look “the same”.

A client I was helping in Singapore booked me into a hotel I hadn’t stayed in before – and I can’t wait to go back there – and all because of the simplest thing…

the colourful and healthy morning juices.

colourful juices

Yes, there was a juice bar – and I just loooove different juices.

Juice bar


Tb juice bar


Now, if you’ve been on lots of business trips, you’ve probably filled yourself with lots of coffee to get you through your busy day.

For me, I find good juices more sustaining. I’m not as “jittery” for meetings and presentations. I seem to be calmer and more focussed. Good juices can also maintain my immune system.

(Warning: you may have to go to the bathroom more often – but I find the benefits outweigh the burdens!)

I still enjoy and have a breakfast coffee – but just not so many cups and I usually try to pick up a healthy juice somewhere outside the hotel.


green power juice


This hotel had a wide range of juices there for me – right there at breakfast.

I’m not just talking the usual orange juice or grapefruit juice – I’m talking Immune boosters and Kickstarters.


morning booster juice


The hotel was the Fairmont. I am not connected with the hotel in any way – other than being an appreciative guest.

Maybe other hotels also offer juice bars – but this was the first one I had seen and I’ve stayed in lots of hotels – especially in my previous job as a TV producer on Travel shows.


Anyway, I just thought it was interesting that such a small thing as a juice bar could impress me so much and make me want to return to a specific hotel.

And I wasn’t the only one lining up for these healthy juices. I noticed lots of fit, high-performance types lining up for the juices. I’m not one of these fit types. Far from it!

I’ve just learned how good juices can help my business performance (better focus and endurance and calmness) and help keep me healthy during business trips.

 When you stay at a hotel – what little things  makes a big difference for you?


Please share in the comments section below.


So who is writing this?

Hi I’m Tony – a TV reporter and producer turned international communication trainer and consultant. I love writing – especially about the joys of travel – even business travel. I’m a bit like that George Clooney character in Up In The Air in that I actually enjoy the travelling life.


TB travel 2 shot

(I love travel- even business travel – what about you?  I no longer need the cane in this photo – the cane was just used when I was recovering from a torn Achilles tendon – and when trying to be like Mr Bates from Downton Abbey 😉   )

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