Are you a “get to your departure gate extra early” type? What it reveals about you!

Do you prefer get to the airport early and wait around?

Or do you find waiting around a waste of time?

Do you prefer to get to your gate early and wait?

Do you prefer to not wait at your gate for too long?

I’m travelling for pleasure this week (on a family vacation)  – rather than for business. An “airport incident” inspired this post – that has important lessons on how you can avoid clashes and conflicts caused by different attitudes towards “timing”.  Enjoy!……

I’m a “get there early and wait” type – my wife is a get there “just in time” type.

As you’ll read – difference in personality types can cause conflict and discomfort  – unless you are aware of different styles and take measures to avoid friction!

Here’s the recent airport “incident” that inspired this post.

My family and I and two kids are off on a family beach vacation and at the airport my wife surprises me – twice.

The first is a very pleasant surprise. I’m sitting and waiting at the departure gate while my wife like to use the time  to walk around and check out the shops She returns with a gift for me – a note book with a wonderful cover of retro cameras. She knows that I love notebooks AND that I love retro cameras. She knows me!

camera notebook

This notebook comes in handy as I jot down ideas for a POST inspired by  the second surprise – that (to me) is not so pleasant!

Just as our plane is boarding, my wife decides she wants to go to the bathroom. She could have gone to the bathroom while she was out looking at the shops while I was waiting at the departure gate – but no, she thinks it’s a good idea to go to the bathroom while the plane is boarding.

She thinks I’m “anal” for saying she should have gone earlier.

I look at the line of people boarding, and I look at the distance to the toilet. I calculate that she will have time to go to the bathroom – but I still think she should have gone earlier. To be honest, I don’t like the feeling/discomfort of her TIMING – even ‘though logically I know we will make the boarding!

This reflects difference in our personalities – and the potential for “clashes”.

little cove noosa

the zippy speedboat and the slow battleship!
the zippy speedboat and the slow battleship!

It turns out my wife is right – she DOES have plenty of time to go to the bathroom. Also, when I think about it, I have confidence that she would not have gone if there wasn’t such a big line of people to get on the plane. Although I feed “discomfort” at her timing – I must learn to have confidence in her “just in time” calculations.

By going to the bathroom, when she returns the line will be shorter (as most people will have boarded).

My wife hates “wasting time” standing in line. She likes to time it so she just “walks on the plane”.

What sort of person are you?

Me – I’m more cautious. I like to always get to a place early – whether it’s the airport or a business meeting or corporate training.

My grandparents were “get there early” types, my mother is a “get there early type” and I am definitely a “get there early type”.

Anyway, my point is YOU can avoid “clashes” by:

1. being aware of YOUR style

2. being aware of other’s style – especially if it is different from yours

If you are a “just in time” type – be aware that your behaviour can cause discomfort to the “get there early” types (like me). Reassure them that you have calculated the timing (it’s not a reckless, spur-of-the-moment decision!)

If you are a “get there early” type, be aware that others may be less cautious than you  – yet still effective. I’ve learned to have greater confidence in my wife’s TIMING. Knowing each other – really helps reduce clashes. So does learning from any clashes you may have!

If you’re interested, in a previous post I wrote about understanding our differences. She’s a speedboat – I’m a Battleship! What are you?

Anyway, we are all enjoying a wonderful vacation now!


So who is writing this?

…and what does he know about travel, business, and business travel and juggling business with family life?


Hi I’m Tony Biancotti and I’ve been so privileged to travel  the world for my business – as a

  • TV reporter,
  • travel show producer (Getaway), and most recently as a
  • communication consultant speaking and training at international conferences and businesses.

Getaway travel

It’s a good thing that I enjoy travel – because I have to do so much of it.

I love to write about travel too – the challenges AND the “joys” (even on business trips) – and how to be more effective and productive with your travel.

I’ve been lucky to work with and learn from so many professional travellers and I like to share what I’ve learned – especially how you can be more effective on your business trips – and how you can be a better parent or partner when you return from your trip!

Also, you can probably tell by the blog title and logo – I’m a big fan of music and “retro” and yes I’ve travelled to check out Elvis’s plane The Lisa Maree!

TBbackpack prop

One of my favourite movies is “Up in The Air” and although I am not as extreme as the George Clooney character, I can relate to feeling of feeling “at home” and “at ease” when I am “up in the air” or in some new city learning about different people and different business cultures.

International communication

I train cross-cultural communication – writing and presenting and influence.

Between workshops you’ll find me absorbing and “researching” the culture and learning from the “locals”! I ask lots of questions and I love to learn new things.

Two of my “business” heroes are Guy Kawasaki and Garr Reynolds – partly for their communication talents – but also for how they seem to:

  • make the most out of their international travel
  • enjoy learning from different cultures, and most importantly
  • inject much of this JOY into their presentations! 

If you are not familiar with Guy and Garr, you should check them out. I often use business trip travelling and waiting time to watch, enjoy, and learn from their presentations!


About doubleshot media

Hi, I'm a lawyer turned journalist/speechwriter/presentation coach - combining business experience with personal passions for music and writing to blog about persuasion, retro, music, and even business lessons from theatre and performing
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