Some soft, light, feel-good vacation reading for you


You’re probably on vacation now (as I am)   –  and you need some pampering with your reading – not hard abrasive business-related reading. How about something soft and gentle and colourful (and amusing)  – just like this ad for toilet paper? Isn’t it a classic?

Do you love vacations? – being in a different place – seeing different things!

Here’s something I saw on the street this morning – something that inspired this blog!

retro porsche

This lead to a “happy accident” that got me thinking (and blogging) about advertising and “selling” toilet tissue  – of all things.

Here’s how it happened.

executive rosche

The happy accident started off with a “dyslexic moment” ( I often mis-read words) where was replacing a toilet roll and mis-read it thinking it was specially designed by Porsche! It was actually tissue designed by Rosche.rosche

I blame the mistake on the Porsche that was still on my mind!

Then again the Rosche design does look very sleek and metallic and dramatic with the red and black!

The roll was “Executive” and I started thinking: what makes a roll “executive”?

And I started thinking about how advertisers market toilet paper to make it appeal to the target market and to  stand out from other brands.

I found some interesting ads.

What else are they selling beyond  the toilet paper?

You try first – then I’ll add my views.

Let’s get on a roll!

Example 1:

free vintage toilet paper ad download

Example 2:

soft-weve tp pink

The first ad sells being a good  and responsible mother or parent – ensuring the health and safety of the children.

The second ad – sells the colour, the style, the luxury.

Who would have thought toilet paper reflected your stylishness?

I love the how the dress reflects the colour and softness too. Very Betty Draper from Mad Men!

So next time you go to the bathroom – reflect on the artistry of the toilet tissue you are using – and the artistry of the advertising and how advertising can sell “anything” even toilet paper products!


About doubleshot media

Hi, I'm a lawyer turned journalist/speechwriter/presentation coach - combining business experience with personal passions for music and writing to blog about persuasion, retro, music, and even business lessons from theatre and performing
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