Better Business Trip Tips – how to handle your return from a business trip

Are you still making the same business trip “mistakes” that I am?

I’m getting more efficient in the part of the business trip when I am  AWAY working on the business side – and being more sensible about not trying to cram in too much.

The area I still need to improve is how I handle the RETURN –  the “re-entry” – coming back from a business trip.

Is this an area (the return from the trip) YOU still need to improve?

Are you overly optimistic about your ability to just snap back from the business trip to your home life (and responsibilities)?

I recently had a very successful business trip to Singapore – but I didn’t handle the return as well as I could have.

I trained and coached people every day – Monday to Friday – worked all day Friday and then raced to the airport to catch the first plane back to my family.


It was an overnight flight – so I got hardly any sleep and got home exhausted and cranky. My two children desperately wanted my attention. (My wife was more understanding and knew I needed to sleep).

Anyway, I vow that for the next business trip like this – I’ll stay the extra night, rest and sleep and then board an early morning flight – so I am  well rested when I return.

It’s my own fault – I thought I was doing the right thing by getting back to the family as soon as possible. As it turned out – I needed to sleep on my return and the “real me – the normal me” didn’t emerge until a day after my physical return.

I over-estimated my ability to bounce back from the trip and to bounce back into my “DAD” responsibilities.

To paraphrase from the movie Top Gunmy ego was writing cheques my body couldn’t cash.


From my days working as as a reporter  – you get used to pushing on and pushing through  and going and going until your story gets covered – then you “crash” and recover!

I’ve found that the corporate world requires a more measured approach – for sustained performance.

My friend Chris Adams (former Facebook and Movie Exec) has given me good advice before about how HE learned to be more effective on business trips.

I’ve taken his advice and improved my performance during the AWAY part of the trips. I need to change how I handle the RETURN part of the trip.

Here’s the original advice from Chris from a previous post.

We’ve had a lot of response to a Chris Adams video post where he gave tips and advice on how to perform better on business trips.

Here is a response/request  from Melinda – a busy female business traveller who wanted some tips on what do you when you get back from a business trip and everyone (family and work colleagues) seems to “want a piece of you”.

What do you do? How do you handle the “backlog” of tasks.

Chris’s advice is, as usual, honest and colourful – and useful.

I personally put his tips to use of a business trip and the trip was much more productive – and enjoyable. Link at the end of this post.

The original Chris Adams video (in case you want to see it)  follows this latest video where I put Melinda’s question to him.

Melinda’s response/request:

“These points are not just true for Dads, but really for ANY business traveller. Even us females. At my most travelled, I spent more than 260 nights in one hotel group in one year. And also had other trips where I didn’t use that hotel group. So about 300 nights away. This schedule severely limits time with partner/spouse, friends, and family. It IS tough when you get home late, exhausted, on a Friday and everyone wants “a piece of you” over the weekend as you’ve been gone.

But you need to do your expenses, recap reports, prep for the coming week’s trip, unpack, and re-pack for Monday morning’s flight…. and somewhere in there unwind.

When you do have a week off, being HOME is a priority – but the partner/spouse who has been at home the whole time wants to go away somewhere. Not easy to balance. So, more tips welcome!”

As promised Melinda – Chris’s tips:

Chris’s original video of tips:


How I applied Chris’s tips on a business trip:


Tony Biancotti – juggling international travel and work with family
Communication & Presentation Coach and Trainer
Collaborator on The Chris Adams project


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