One of the best things about being away on a business trip

What do YOU enjoy most if you get to go away on a business trip?

Often it’s the little things that make a big difference.

shaving brush

I remember chatting to a busy executive business “mum” who shared that she really enjoyed being away on business trips because:

1. breakfast was cooked for her for a change

2. she’d come back to a tidy room and a bed that’d been made by someone else… and most importantly

3. she had uninterrupted time in the bath and the bath room

I can relate to that! When I’m at home looking after our two kids I often have to jump out of the shower to stop a fight or run around with a face full of shaving cream to solve some other domestic drama.

As much as I miss my family when I am away on business – I DO enjoy the simple pleasure of an uninterrupted shave – yes a simple shave! As boring as that may sound – it’s true.

And this trip to Singapore I’ve tried something different. I usually am always multi-tasking when I shave – listening to the news on the radio or some business podcast (yes I’m a business podcast nerd!)

But this trip – I shave in silence and I go “old school” – instead of shaving foam from a can I’m going Mad Men style – taking it slow with the old brush and tube of shave cream. Taking my time – making sure I have time.

Don Draper from Mad Men often has reflective moments while shaving "old School" with the shaving brush. Wonder what creative ideas he's getting!

Don Draper from Mad Men often has reflective moments while shaving “old School” with the shaving brush. Wonder what creative ideas he’s getting!

It’s interesting. I’ve heard that you can get great creative ideas by doing routine tasks like shaving and the “silence” creates a gap for creative ideas to flow into. Your mind is relaxed – gently focussed on the routine task – not occupied with more serious matters.

I’ve been loving the new ritual. When I get back home I’m sure the silence will disappear and I’ll have to interrupt my shave to run around after the kids.

Maybe I’ll get up early while the kids are still asleep – the ritual really is worth making time for!

The shaving ritual has been working. Many useable ideas have flowed in during the silence of the slow relaxed and silent shave. The ritual is both “mindful” and yet “mindless” (you can do it automatically – without much effort).

Of course – the ritual doesn’t have to be shaving and you can use shaving foam rather than the old-school bristle brush. What really works is taking time, getting comfortable with the “silence” (not having noise in the background) – and of course the joy of not being interupted.


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