How to make your next business trip a “search and enjoy” mission

Wow, I’m here to tell ya – I took Chris Adams’s tips about being more effective on business trips and the tips really work. (video at the end of this post)

It looks like I’m in San Franciso – but this is actually a mural at a cool place I am training at in Sydney.

Chris’s trips were to:

spread your trip out over more days rather than trying to cram too much into a short time (Business people with families often do this to get back to their families as soon as possible and that’s what I would normally do)

rest up as much and as often as you can. Once again I normal try to make the most of every moment including the nights. This trip I’ve  sometimes gone to sleep at 6:30 PM and grabbed as much sleep (bagged some ZZZs) as often as I can.

Sleep time is not wasted time as I would often think. As Chris always says “Rest is your secret weapon”.

In Western business culture we often think “Sleep is for wimps!” and “Lunch is for wimps”.  I took Chris’s advice: “Lose the guilt” about taking time to sleep.

Do something that “feeds your soul”.That’s my phrasing and take on Chris’s advice on how he has learned to be “effectively selfish” and how he snatches time to do things that recharge him – like reading.

For me, I made sure I included something I really enjoy like taking time for a Bento Box in a Japanese Restaurant.

Usually I’d just grab a sandwich at the place I’m working and work during my lunch break – but this trip I purposefully planned and executed taking some time to do stuff that I really enjoyed – a search and enjoy mission.       

I know it probably sounds sad that taking time for the leisurely and purposeful enjoyment of  Bento Box is a big deal for me – but it was time well spent.

I’d like to add some tips to Chris’s advice.

  1. If you have a partner/family – you may need to  “sell” what’s in it for them with your staying away longer on your business trip. I will have to deliver when I get back by being more rested and engaged with my family and not so tired and cranky (which I usually am after a business trip away)
  2. Reward yourself for resting up – for example I did a deal (with myself)  I stayed in 90% of the time – knowing that one night I’d “go out”. (photos at end of post – it was nothing “wild” – bit was very recharging.
  3. View your business trip away as a “chance not a chore” – a chance for rest, a chance to do those things you don’t normally get to do, and a chance to get out of your routine.

This way, instead of dreading your business trip – you can look forward to the benefits of being away.

Get over your guilt.

Strategically plan and execute  your search and enjoy mission – bagging some “fun” even if that “fun” is a simple as reading or enjoying the bliss of a bento box!

Here’s that video of Chris’s tips that really improved my most recent business trip.


search and enjoy – the one night I did venture out!


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