Turn travel time (even business travel time) into some YOU time

Business Travel – trips away from your loved ones.

Lose the guilt – use the time

Back on a plane again last night – travelling for work.

  • Time to sit (without that guilty feeling you should be doing something productive!).
  • The joy of being “unplugged” for a while – no phone or e-mail
  • Not a bad meal  – and best of all
  • an episode of Modern Family I hadn’t seen before – BLISS.

Reminded of me of a blissful plane ride I posted about in another blog Busy Dad to Better Dad – specifically about how busy business dads can be more engaged dads and how you need short bursts of time to yourself.

You also need to use the time well and enjoy it.  Just sit, rest without being exhausted, pause, breathe – smile.

Travel – even business travel can be an opportunity – a pause – a bit of you time.

I must confess – while I was at the gate waiting to board the flight, I had lots of work I could have been doing on my Macbook but the first thing I did was look at photos of my wife and kids. A short business trip away can be a good break – long ones can make you really miss your family.

Here’s the post about simple pleasure of business blokes enjoying the chance to watch some movies that do not involve Chipmunks or movies that are chick-flick date movies!


Greetings from Singapore!

I love my family. I love being with them. I also love when I go away on short business trip breaks like I’m on now – and I’m not alone in my attitude. I must admit I love the hotel robes and slippers and room service – and all the movies on the plane – movies I probably wouldn’t get to see with the family!

Yesterday I flew to Singapore and I sat next to two other dads – also flying on business. They were friendly blokes.

We joked how we all liked flying because it was a good chance to catch up on “man movies”.

Now I’m not talking “adult movies” – I’m talking movies that aren’t kid movies or date movie rom-coms husbands take their wives to.

One of the veteran business flying dads pulls out his special noise-cancelling headphones and settles in for some movie catching up.

“This is a good 3-movie flight! ” the business dad tells his mate “No interruptions  – and they bring you food and drink!”

The other business dad explains how these days he mainly gets to see movies like Ice Age 4 and Alvin and the Chipmunks with the kids and “chick flicks” with the wife. He’s been wanting to see John Carter – about a Civil War Veteran who ends up on Mars and encounters 12-feet-tall barbarians.  That’s his first selection – something he probably wouldn’t get to see with the kids or on a date night – not when there are good rom-coms on offer!

movie-loving editor I worked with in television had a great line about how being a parent changed her movie habits. “I love foreign films. The closest I get to a foreign film these days is Rugrats in Paris!”

After talking with the other business dads, I now feel less guilty about feeling so happy in enjoying my business trip opportunity to catch up on some “man movies”.

What’s my first choice?

The Rum Diary based on the novel by Hunter S. Thompson – that’s my kind of movie (quirky, funny, a retro dream with all the old cars and planes, retro soundtrack) and it’s definitely not one for the kiddies.  Followed by The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel  – not a particularly “man-ish” film but one I have wanted to see based on the trailers I’d seen. Great script. Great cast. I’m happy with the choice!

The third movie I watch (out of curiosity)  is Friends with Kids – interestingly about how having kids alters the lives of romantic couples. I enjoy it but I’m glad I didn’t pay to see it at the movies.

I’ve already planned my viewing for the flight home. I’ll definitely check out John Carter as I somehow don’t think that it is a movie that will interest my wife. I also hope the plane has that great Billy Murray Movie about the jet-lagged, hotel life in Japan – Lost In Translation! I’m in the mood for that with all the hotel robe and slipper vibe I’m enjoying at the moment!


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Hi, I'm a lawyer turned journalist/speechwriter/presentation coach - combining business experience with personal passions for music and writing to blog about persuasion, retro, music, and even business lessons from theatre and performing
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