What you can learn from a jet-setting Hollywood exec so you can perform better on your business trips

Chris Adams is a movie man, former Hollywood and Facebook exec who now lives in Australia.

In Australia, Chris runs a digital media agency (Beachball Media) and helps develop Australian movies, He travels hundreds of thousands of miles a year for business and is away up to 150 nights a year.

I learn a lot from Chris and you can too. I learn from him about business (pitching and negotiation etc.) and also about business travel (and juggling work and family.)

I like Chris’s honesty about challenges he faced with travel and how he had to learn to be “effectively selfish” to be a better business traveller (and family man when he gets back home).

Chris has a young son and used to cram too much into his business travel so he could get back home faster – but he found his work on his business trip suffered and he was so tired when he returned home.

I catch up with Chris every month or so and capture 2-4 minute videos of “biz-dom” (business wisdom) on my camera (easy for him, easy for me and easy for you as a viewer).

We caught up over coffee and I apologise for the background noise of hissing coffee machines etc. but I encourage you to listen to Chris’s story of how he got smarter about business travel.


Chris’s MAIN TIPS:

1. Don’t over-cram your business trip in your rush to get home. You should focus on being effective at your main priority tasks for the trip

2. Take a day extra and spread out your tasks more effectively – allowing space for you

3. Carve out downtime to rest and recharge – give yourself space for “your mind to stop spinning”

4. Don’t feel guilty about “taking it easy” and not going out on the town.

5. Rest is your secret weapon to improve how you perform on your business trip and how you re-engage with your family when you return

I travel a lot with my work too (not as much as Chris) and face similar issues with wanting to get back to my family as soon as possible.

Chris is so “on the money” in saying that if you tire yourself out you waste so much time catching up on sleep when you get home. I often jump on the first plane home after my work has finished. It’s often a night flight, I don’t sleep well, and I‘m out of action for a day when I get home.

I want to have the energy to do this with the kids when I come back from Business Travel

Next trip  (next month) I’ll definitely take Chris’s advice. (Now I just have to “sell” the strategy to my wife!)

Also, thanks Chris for helping me “lose some of the guilt” of enjoying having some time on the trip to re-charge. I often used to think I was “being weak” by just wanting to get room service and read a book. Instead of hitting the town of some exciting city I was visiting!

You know what I really enjoy about a short business trip break?

1. No loud noisy kid TV

2. Not having to stand on or pick up lego

Don’t get me wrong – I love lego and being with the kids (and my gorgeous wife of course) – I just enjoy some quiet time too! As Chris says, when you’re away on business you are so busy and so focussed on your tasks – you need some time for the mind to stop spinning!

Lose the guilt – enjoy the room service, hotel robes (very Bill Murray in Lost in Translation) and time to read and rest!

If you’d like to get more tips from Chris about Business: here’s a link to our project – The Chris Adams Project (my suggested name –  not his!)



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